Here in this video, Tony Robbins has a wonderful discussion with expert internet marketers Frank Kern and John Reese about why not everyone takes action in life and in business. He talks about the importance of visualization and commitment and how to become great at using effective techniques.

Posted by: seizevictory | June 3, 2012

Winners see the Gain… Losers see the Pain

I saw this fantastic photo recently and had to share it…

Winners see the gain, losers see the pain

Posted by: seizevictory | May 21, 2012

Todd Falcone talks about The Hottest Company in MLM Today

Great video here by Todd Falcone about the hottest, fastest growing company to be in, in the MLM Industry today!

Posted by: seizevictory | April 16, 2011

Brian Tracy – the fear of failure

Sales coach and speaker Brian Tracy discusses how common the fear of failure is and how to capitalize on it.

Posted by: seizevictory | January 2, 2011

2011 New Year’s Resolution / Action Calendar

I found this 2011 New Year’s Resolution and Action
Calendar recently and had to share it with everyone.

Here is a guideline on how to use it:

“Choose your top 3 most important resolutions or
goals and enter them on the lines below each month
(or insert more lines). If your goals are based on
certain days of the week, highlight those columns
that apply. As you accomplish each task or goal,
check it off for that day.”

Click this link below to print your copy of
the Action Calendar!

Posted by: seizevictory | May 18, 2010

A Definition of Character by Hyrum Smith

A definition of character by Hyrum Smith…powerful!

“Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision
after the emotion of making that decision has past.”

Hear what Hyrum has to say about Character on this video below:

Posted by: seizevictory | April 21, 2010

Jim Rohn – 4 Important Questions

So simple….so powerful. Latch on to this wisdom by Jim Rohn and don’t let go for any reason!

Posted by: seizevictory | March 13, 2010

Be self motivated

I love what Jeffery Gitomer says here about philosphy…and how you have to frame yourself into a “YES” mindset.

After all, no matter what you do .  .  . success is all about mindset.

Posted by: seizevictory | February 9, 2010

Roger Bannister – First Sub 4 minute mile in 1954!

This historic event took place on 6 May, 1954 during a meet between British AAA and Oxford University at Iffley Road Track in Oxford. It was watched by about 3,000 spectators. With winds up to 25 miles per hour (40 km/h) prior to the event, Bannister had said twice that he favored not running, to conserve his energy and efforts to break the 4-minute barrier; he would try again at another meet.

However, the winds dropped just before the race was scheduled to begin, and Bannister did run. Two other runners, Brasher and Chataway, provided pacing while completing the race. Both went on to establish their own track careers. The race[1] was broadcast live by BBC Radio and commented on by Harold Abrahams, of Chariots of Fire fame.

Roger Bannister Now

Roger Bannister Then

Roger Bannister set a goal of running a mile under four minutes.  He believed he could do it….even though no one had ever accomplished it before.  Because he convinced himself, and was faithful in his training, he achieved his goal.  After he did it, many others followed because it was all of the sudden realized to be possible!

Learn more about Roger’s story here –

This guy has always amazed me……

I grew up watching him defy the odds.

I’ll tell ya folks, we better either
get busy living or get busy dieing….because
there is no in between.

And yes, there is a choice….everyday.

I have decided to be a victor. And I am
mighty thankful to be associated with you.

People would not hire him as a head coach
because they said that he is not an X’s and O’s guy.

Give him a couple of years, and I GUARANTEE you —

Without A Doubt – He will have them in the Super Bowl.

End of Story.

For him, there is no other alternative.

That inspires me.

Mike Singletary addresses the San Francisco 49ers Football Team after a victory over the Washington Redskins Football Team. This is an extremely focused and driven individual. He was not supposed to be big enough to play Professional Football but he is now a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest middle linebackers ever to play for my Chicago Bears. Thank you Mike Singletary for setting the pace for the rest of us and thank you for giving the glory to God!

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