Posted by: seizevictory | July 3, 2017

Non-union pension ending at UPS

All non-union employees at UPS began receiving notices this week that active non-union employees will no longer participate in the UPS Retirement Plan (their name for their pension plan) beginning in 2023.  The will instead receive enhanced 401(k) benefits.  UPS non union employees includes all management, business development (sales), human resources, industrial engineering and other departments, company wide.  Basically everyone who doesn’t process packages is included.

This is close to my heart because I received one of these notices myself.  I worked for UPS for eleven years as a union and non-union employee.

I know that, as a publicly traded company, UPS has to do what is best for their shareholders.  But this is just another indicator of the evolution of corporate loyalty in the world today and moving forward.  If I would have stayed there, this would have affected around ten years of my pension with UPS… which is a major portion.

Obviously, UPS was one of the last companies in North America to still offer a pension plan.  And as this corporate landscape changes from the perspective of the employee and their benefits package, more and more people will be considering a home business as they near retirement age.

I hope they will contact me so I can help them.

Because I am one of them and there’s strength in numbers!

I can be reached at 817-500-8009 or


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