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Randy Pausch – Choose to Live Happy

In this powerful video, Randy Pausch says, “You don’t control the hand you are dealt, but you do control how you play the hand.” Another good quote is “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

There are many more powerful nuggets in this video…..

Randy Pausch of “The Last Lecture” –

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Finish What You Started by Todd Falcone

Great video here by Todd Falcone on the subject of sticking it out and finishing what you started.

Very good, practical motivation for your network marketing / mlm home based business opportunity.

I love it!

Thanks Todd Falcone!


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Ronald Reagan Christmas Address

A Christmas address here by a historic American leader – President Ronald Reagan

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

This is a powerful video that depicts the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas blessings to you and may we seek to bless Christ as He has already bountifully blessed us!

Posted by: seizevictory | November 16, 2009

Video by Andy Andrews – The Certain Decision

Great video by Andy Andrews on the subject of “The Certain Decision”.

Posted by: seizevictory | October 28, 2009

Jeffery Gitomer – The Rule of “The More the More”

I liked this and had never heard anyone else talk about this. Good stuff!

The rule of  “The More the More”

Video featuring Jeffery Gitomer

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Todd Falcone – The Secret to Success in MLM

Great video here from Todd Falcone about the “Secret” to success in MLM.

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Zig Ziglar – Setting Goals

Zig Ziglar speaks on the power of setting goals.

“Goals do not care who has them . . . ”

This is to say, they do not discriminate, but rather they
drive actual behavioral production.

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Jeffrey Gitomer – Be Responsible to Yourself

Jeffrey Gitomer here talking about your responsibility to yourself
to inspire yourself in your daily pursuit of your goals.

This is the reason why few succeed in all things…in my opinion.
Because few will find the fortitude to push themselves through
the times of doubt…..few will put in the extra time and effort
day in and day out. For those that do, the reward outweighs the

btw….. Axiom = A self-evident or universally recognized truth.

Topics: Self Inspiration; Self Responsibility; Success through Perseverance; Self Inspiration

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Michael Jordan – “Maybe it’s my fault” Nike Commercial

Check out this Michael Jordan commercial here for Nike….good stuff.

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