Posted by: seizevictory | July 3, 2017

Ray Higdon – Cold market prospecting and Go for 20 no’s a day for six months

Network Marketing trainer Ray Higdon discusses a few really vital points in this video.

The topic is cold market prospecting.

Key points:

Say less to more people.

Prepare yourself with a Break in Communication before talking with your cold market prospect.

Be willing to walk away if they are difficult.

When you follow up: “The fastest way to figure out if this is a good fit for you or not, is to watch a quick video…… what’s the best email to send that to?  When will you be reviewing that information?…. Okay great, I will call you xxxday at xxx oclock to find out how you liked it.”


Video #2 Eric Worre interviews Ray Higdon.  In this video, Ray talks about how he went from broke and in foreclosure, to earning $40,000 per a month in his sixth month with his network marketing company.  He would make calls every day until he had 20 no’s.  He would not stop each day until he had his 20 no’s.



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