Posted by: seizevictory | January 13, 2010

Mike Singletary Announced 49ers Head Coach after Victory over the Washington Redskins

This guy has always amazed me……

I grew up watching him defy the odds.

I’ll tell ya folks, we better either
get busy living or get busy dieing….because
there is no in between.

And yes, there is a choice….everyday.

I have decided to be a victor. And I am
mighty thankful to be associated with you.

People would not hire him as a head coach
because they said that he is not an X’s and O’s guy.

Give him a couple of years, and I GUARANTEE you —

Without A Doubt – He will have them in the Super Bowl.

End of Story.

For him, there is no other alternative.

That inspires me.

Mike Singletary addresses the San Francisco 49ers Football Team after a victory over the Washington Redskins Football Team. This is an extremely focused and driven individual. He was not supposed to be big enough to play Professional Football but he is now a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest middle linebackers ever to play for my Chicago Bears. Thank you Mike Singletary for setting the pace for the rest of us and thank you for giving the glory to God!


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