Posted by: seizevictory | October 25, 2009

Todd Falcone – The Secret to Success in MLM

Great video here from Todd Falcone about the “Secret” to success in MLM.



  1. Excellent and motivational. Sometimes this key point gets lost in the hype. I think MLM has to be careful to balance inspiration with knowledge and skills.

    Some key points I’ve picked up on phone calls are to keep it simple and infuse your communication with the idea that this is not complicated. Also, be able to explain costs involved because so many are out of work.

    JF has amazing resources. I will be ramping up in the next couple of weeks.


  2. Thank you for your information, truth, and encouragement. In my coma recovery, I have learned that brain synapsis can be created by pushing ones’ self to first, the uncomfortable position of doing the new, then secondly, repeating the uncomfortable performance. Therefore, to make whatever you want to do or learn as part of your normal, the brain activity of “just do it” (from the Nike commercial), must be practiced and it WILL create a new synapsis for your brain and you WILL function at a higher level and be able to achieve success. With that in mind “Carpe Diem” or Seize the Day, is truly possible. Thank you for assisting in that process.

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