Posted by: seizevictory | September 11, 2008

Be Authentic

From the Daily Motivator at


There is great power in truth. There is great power in authenticity.
It can be comforting for a while to overlook or deny who you truly are,
in order to go along with the crowd. Yet it is a false comfort that never does last.

There is no person you can pretend to be who is as powerful and effective
as the person you really are. No identity you might try to manufacture will
ever work as well as the identity that has always been a part of you.

With authenticity, no effort is needed to maintain your sense of self.
It flows easily and naturally through everything you do, freeing you
and enabling you to live life fully.

You are real and you are unique and you are of great value. It is in your
best interest to mine the magnificent treasure of the authentic you.

Do not merely go along with life. Be authentic, and you will make it great.

— Ralph Marston



  1. Great post on authenticity. There is so much truth to this as it is much harder to put on a mask or a front to try and blend with the crowd or to be someone you are not, but to be your natural true self will always give you more credibility, power, and influence and allow your uniqueness to shine through with less effort and restriction.

    Thanks Beau for this empowering motivational post…
    Your leadership and integrity are valuable to this industry.

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